Mutebi Lauds Physiotherapists’ Selflessness In Nsibambi Incident

Manager Mike Mutebi watches on from the touch line in a recent league game.

KCCA FC Manager Mike Mutebi has lauded Senior Sports Physiotherapist Ivan Ssewanyana and assistant Emmanuel Tusubira’s roles at the club as very key and important to the players, technical team and administrators.

Ssewanyana and Tusubira with extreme expertise attended to Derrick Nsibambi after the striker suffered a head injury in the league game against Mbarara City FC on 3rd April 2018.

Nsibambi cluttered his head against that of a charging opponent in a 50/50 challenge as he surged forward in pursuit to score for the club and suffered a temporary head concussion.

Nsibambi’s incident is one of those if we where playing in Europe would have been amplified. The lad would have died after that incident had it not been for the expertise of our medical team led by Ivan Ssewanyana and assistant Emmanuel Tusubira. They are a pair of trained and educated gentlemen, arguably the best in the land. The issue of a concussion is so serious we have seen players die and others have retired from the game because of head injuries. Mutebi said


 I commend the work they are doing. Ivan advised the player rests for a week. On another day, an individual would recommend the striker stays on the pitch and get that goal given the fact that the game was at stalemate when he got the injury and that the player claimed he would still carry on. But he (Ivan) prioritized his (Derrick) life. This incident will be a wake-up call to both the players and the technical in Uganda that life should be the priority at all time. He added