KCCA FC Fans’ Executive has officially launched the KCCA FC Fans Membership card that confirms one as an official KCCA FC Fan.

The card has four (4) categories including;

  1. Annual Membership Card – 20,000Ugx
  2. Five (5) years Membership Card – 80,000Ugx
  3. Ten (10) years Membership Card – 150,000Ugx
  4. Life Time Membership Card – 1,000,000Ugx

For each of the above-mentioned categories, the card is valid from January 1st to December 31st.

The membership card comes with benefits which include;

  1. Attending the KCCA FC Fans’ Annual General Meeting.
  2. Voting right for KCCA FC fans to choose their leaders.
  3. A right to contest for any elective position on the KCCA FC Fans’ Executive.
  4. 4% discount on all KCCA FC Merchandise except the KCCA FC jerseys.
  5. Attending selected KCCA FC events.
  6. Attending at least one open training session during the season as guided by the KCCA FC Management.
  7. A sense of belonging as it gives one prestige to own a KCCA FC Fans’ Membership Card.

While speaking at the press conference held at the MTN Omondi Stadium, Lugogo the following had this to say;

“A KCCA FC fan can acquire the membership card by purchasing it at affordable prices given the category of the card he or she wants and also providing their passport size photo. The card gives one a sense of belonging and affiliation

Sophie Najjemba, KCCA FC Fans Vice President

“The KCCA FC Fans’ Membership Card will help us plan for our fans better given that we shall have a database of our fans that will help us inform our planning for future activities that involve our fans

Aggrey Ashaba, Vice Chairman – KCCA FC

“The KCCA FC Fans’ Membership Card is different from the Season Ticket. Anyone can purchase a season ticket, either a fan or none KCCA FC fan but a membership card is only owned by a KCCA FC fan”

Anisha Shahir Muhoozi, CEO of KCCA FC.

For more inquiries about the KCCA FC Fans’ Membership Card, kindly reach out to the Fans’ Coordinator Gloria Nakisige on 0786561673


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